without a doubt my favorite instrumental combination -- piano and violin

"Our house has an open door policy - Bring BEER and we'll open the door." This funny, rustic bottle opener sign is the perfect addition to your rustic home bar and makes a great gift for dad or grooms

Sawdust and Sunshowers

Yup... sometimes I don't like talking about my problems but just bc I don't want to be a burden.

hahahaha, but sometimes cry babies are cute as long as they are really scared and not just pretending to be. Those who pretends to be overdoes it, and those are really irritating.

A teacher's face when... a student has been failing all year and NOW his parent wants to know about their options.

Heartbreaking. This represents the current Mickey saying goodbye to Walt (because he died) and the old Mickey (Oswald) celebrating because he can now be reunited with Walt.

this is my too cold to function hoodie - I have one of those, Charles hates when I wear it in front of him. He says it's the most unsexy thing he has ever seen LOL

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