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Crystals For Beginners: 8 Stones For Healing


cedar-apple rust fungus...carrot-like shapes emerging from a small cone on this cedar tree...the fungus overwinters inside, then the orange jellylike “horns” grow out in the spring & produce spores that infect nearby apple trees ....

Cyttaria gunnii are a parasitic mushroom that grows only in Australia on myrtle beech trees. Normally, their beautiful honeycomb structure is covered in an ugly, dull orange membrane

"We are stardust stories, my darling. Things like us only exist in dreams." - Monsters lost amongst the stars, they call us | p.d

Valentinite is named in honour of Basilius Valentinus a writer on alchemy and the first author to give a detailed description of antimony and its compounds.

Raspite is named after Charles Rasp discoverer of the famous Broken Hill deposit which is the type locality for this mineral and has produced its best examples. #science #nature #geology #minerals #rocks #infographic #earth #raspite

Gallery: The Infrared Universe Seen by Spitzer Telescope Yes.

Just million light years away


By Wil Mijer Look here for more of her work, it is amazing!

Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Wand Fairy Magic Quartz by ShopFarArden


Malachite Stone The listing is for one (1) Malachite Tumbled Stone Size ~1" Malachite is a gemstone of transformation that works to clear and cleanse all the chakras. Malachite healing properties are