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▶ Improving Your Developpes | Kathryn Morgan - YouTube

Holly leaves and berries - A Professional Basic Watercolour & Pen tutorial. Lesson 3. - 52:41 YouTube

How to Crochet Stepping Texture Hat - YouTube with The Crochet Crowd | Highly textured, and also easy to complete, this Stepping Texture Hat is crocheted in Bernat Softee Chunky.

Lego Mechanical Loom Machine - simply THE coolest lwgo thing I've ever seen!!! Watch it to the end (or forward a bit).

Polymer Clay Caterpillar Sculpture with Fuchsia Stripes Tutorial - YouTube

A very slick way of joining in a new ball of yarn (no knots, no weaving in ends)

▶ How To Install Electrical Wiring - Electrical Wiring and Wiring Layout (Part 1) - YouTube

Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray. my absolute favorite hip hop song.

Origami Shining star - Ngôi sao (Hoang Tien Quyet) - YouTube

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to escape a Chokehold from behind - YouTube


Purl stitch - love this website! So many 'how-to' videos that have made knitting easier to pick up.

Just did an intense 60 minutes of workouts on the mini trampoline! So sweaty! Working out is addicting! Connected my phone to YouTube on the TV. So convenient! Two 30 minute videos and I feel great...

Fitness at Daybreak

How to Make Homemade Triple Sec aka Orange Liquor