Viac nápadov od Celine

I've never had such a strong bond before with someone who feels the connection too.

I like these jeans and the cut of this sweater.

A Black Sweater Dress, a Gray Cardigan, and Black Over-the-Knee Boots

We have only been friends for around a year and a half but you are one if my closest best friends and you are always here for me, I love you to bits and we will always stay friendsI tell u everything and we know absolutely everything about each other :) I love you xxx

Best friends From Sandy, my sister-in-law, who is REALLY my SISTER! But most of all, she's my BEST FRIEND!

My best friend and I someday. Can't wait to share such a special moment with my BFF

For Dalton to carry, "Grandpa John Here comes your girl"