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a white couch with flowers embroidered on it
by SandraStJu, via Flickr
the instructions for how to make an origami pouch with scissors and thread on it
small pouch
paper cone rice tosers are being made by someone using the appliance
DIY Butterfly Rice Tosser by Posh Paperie + Jackie Wonders
DIY Butterfly Paper Bags - Great Party DIY
several different types of pens and pencils in a blue case on a white table
Kokuyo C2 Tray Type Pencil Cases - Slim
The Kokuyo C2 Pencil Case opens up into a convenient tray, making it easy to see your entire pen and pencil collection at a glance!
Stifteetui zum Einheften by Fräulein An Organisation, Sewing, Planners, Diy, Pen Pouch
Dieser Artikel ist nicht verfügbar - Etsy
Stifteetui zum Einheften by Fräulein An
a pink binder with three different colored papers in it
Mein Filofax
Stiftehülle für den Kalender! Genial! (pen-bag)
four different images of fabric bags with scissors and sewing needles in them, all lined up on top of each other
Zippered Handbag - Cosmetic Bag Tutorial
So geht das also mit der Ecke
a women's shawl with multiple colors on the front and side, in various sizes
Tuck Shawl | The Paragon Catalog
no pattern but would be easy to figure out. Make a long rectangle and sew a loop on it. I like this!
three ice cream cones with polka dots and bows are hanging on a wooden table together
A little sewing.....
A little sewing.....
two vases sitting on top of a table next to each other
Quilted Wine Tote Sewing Tutorial
Quilted Wine Tote Sewing Tutorial
the key chain holder is pink and white with polka dots on it, as well as two pairs of keys
Easy Keychain Chapstick Holder Pattern - Crazy Little Projects
Keychain Chapstick Holder
a bag hanging on the wall with tissue in it
Hanging tissue box
a pen sitting on top of an open book
Sketch Bag
Pen holder
six different colored umbrellas are hanging on a metal rack in the middle of a white towel
DIY chapstick holder. I need one for every keychain and one for my purse! No more washing my chapstick that way :)
a small blue denim pouch sitting on top of a computer keyboard
Pod Pillow for my phone and iPad