47 Pins
a black trash can sitting on top of a white floor next to a yellow wall
Trashcan monkey painting
there are many cups and pencils in the holder on the wall next to the sink
The Adelphi Project
"art room" sink - Google Search. Replace pictures with directions for washing brushes, etc.
a meme with the caption put's gloves on first still able to adjust helmet strap
For Sale Through Snapnames
This site has some great inspirations for techno artist
three different pictures with the words diy yarn organizer on them and an image of two containers
These Ingenious Uses for Old Trash Will Bring You Closer to Your Zero-Waste Dreams
DIY yarn organizer. It is great to facilitate the autonomy in the art center. Easy to store too!
an office with pictures hanging from the ceiling
Before & After Art Room Set Up
Artist display idea. This would be AWESOME to put a picture of an author at the…
an art school display with lots of items on the desk and in front of it is a sign that says artsona ipad upload station
Artsonia iPad Upload Station is complete. Directions to the left explain step by step how to use the student iPad mode for uploading their artwork. Students scan their projects QR code on the key ring and it takes them straight to the upload step one!! Change out white roll paper as needed. Students can take photo hanging on wall or from above by placing on the counter.
many different colored bottles are on the shelf
- my tempera paint sorted by color - construction paper strip covered with packaging tape
a fan with different colors on it and the words diy rainbow effect fan blades
Paint the blades for a rainbow effect when you turn it on!!
there are many cups and pencils in the holder on the wall next to the sink
The Adelphi Project
"art room" sink - Google Search
a white board with green and red markers on it that says arts & crafts center quality raise hand directions kindness volume clean up line
One word makers to help kids evaluate behavior. Could be customized ANY WAY. Magnetic, colored smile and frown faces help kids see what is being done well, and what needs work. Cute idea with the drawing of each too for kids who dont know how to read :) I LOVE THIS <3
there is a clock on the wall with some pictures and magnets around it that says time flies when you're creating art
Time the Poplar Springs Art Room!
a poster with some writing on it that says checklist for your artwork and create neat colorful
Artlab Wall of Wisdom
Awesome posters for art class