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Csilla Hallmanova

Csilla Hallmanova
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Games like these teach your child social skills, color and number recognition and give your child important fine motor skill practice. Spend 15-20 minutes playing and helping your child build these important school skills.

build a snowman game - An activity for articulation, phono, and language therapy. Older kids use the dice to build.younger just get a part of their snowman after their reps.

Snowman Dice Game- Family Fun for Everyone In documents as Roll-a-snowman

This snowman dice game can’t get any easier to prepare and play! It’s great for kids and adults of all ages- my young kids love it, but you could also have your teenage children play it to see who gets out of doing the dishes after dinner- get creative!

Snowman toss game! Assign points to the holes and have students total the amount they scored.  For literacy, they get one "snowball" for each vocabulary or spelling word they get correct and get to throw that many times.  Students make snowflakes following written direction and patterns, then decorate the snowman and poster for an activity on following directions.

SINGING SNOWMAN POM-POM SNOWBALLS ~ general dimensions and instructions games like this could be motivators. good behavior or scholastic improvement could be rewarded with game pieces and those could lead to prizes

This would be a great way to use one of the extra wedding dresses in the haunt!

This would be a great way to use one of the extra wedding dresses in the haunt!since I'm willing to just play the role.wonder how many more I can fool into believing in having faith in love .