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Supernatural fandom

My friend and I are watching the Adam episode and she said “Wpw he looks hot as Hell” and I ahd to leave the room because I laughed so hard I cried

#Supernatural omg this is the best!!!!!!

I want to see supernatural but as Sam and dean's daughters. They go hunting together and are basically the girl version if Sammy and dean. It would be awesome !<<~ it would be even funnier if Deans daughter was like Sam and Sam's like dean.

"I am your biggest nightmare!" ||| Supernatural + Harry Potter

My biggest fear is heights but idk if I scream, "Ridikkulus" and point my hand (because I don't have a wand) my Boggart would probably be an airplane.

Supernatural fandom

Supernatural fans aka me, as of late. lol, Not so scared of the bumps in the night now! Which is ironic because i have a moderate-severe anxiety disorder. This show feels therapeutic. Is that weird? <-- Not weird. That's exactly me.