Air fry recipes

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Air Fryer Salmon

This Flaky Air Fryer Salmon is a quick, healthy, and delicious meal. You'll love the convenience and amazing flavors in this seafood recipe.

Indulge Without Guilt: 50 Healthy Air Fryer Recipes to Try

If you love fried foods but don't like what they do to your waistline and health, these healthy air fryer recipes are a total a game changer!

Air Fryer French Bread Pizza - Plain Chicken

Homemade Air Fryer French Bread Pizza - a million times better than the frozen stuff! French bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pizza toppings.

Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas

Super easy and flavorful chicken fajitas made quickly in the Air Fryer! The chicken is succulent, and bursting with flavor.

Gluten-Free Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders | Paleoish Krista

4 reviews
30 minutes

Crisped to perfection in an air fryer or oven, these everything bagel seasoned gluten-free chicken tenders are the perfect comforting finger food!

Air fryer Blue plan weight watchers recipes

Here is a little collection of my favorite air fryer recipes, that are all great for Weight Watchers blue plan. All low carb and most KETO too! Be a part of a new growing community

Air fryer fish and chips come out perfectly crispy and delicious without the mess of deep-frying!

Air Fryer Fish & Chips are seasoned and baked until perfectly golden brown. The fries are crispy & the breaded fish is tender & flaky!

Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes {with Garlic & Herbs} - Miss in the Kitchen

Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes with garlic and herbs is a quick & easy side dish for any meal. Crispy on the outside & fluffy on the inside & full of flavor.

BEST Air Fryer Mixed Vegetables!

Best air fryer vegetables you will ever make are here! No breading, just seasonings and mixed vegetables cooked to perfection. A healthy side dish fave.

BBQ Air Fryer Chicken Breast

This delicious and juicy chicken breast is made right in your Air Fryer after being covered with bbq seasoning. It's perfect as a main course with a side or on a salad.

Air fryer cinnamon bakes apples

The most delicious and healthy dessert, air fryer baked apples! Made with cinnamon and maple syrup, it will surprise you with outstanding taste.

Air-Fryer Salmon Cakes

2 reviews
25 minutes

These air-fried salmon patties are reminiscent of classic salmon croquettes, crispy on the outside and pillowy tender on the inside. Look for canned or jarred salmon that has less than 50 milligrams of sodium per serving, and don't be afraid of varieties that have bones. They're easy to remove.

Air Fryer Meatloaf

9 reviews
40 minutes

Air Fryer Meatloaf is the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors! Mix your favorite protein with savory spices, then add a sweet glaze for an amazing meatloaf recipe that's done in less than 40 minutes!

22 Best Weight Watchers Air Fryer Recipes - WW Freestyle Meals

Looking for some great Weight Watchers Air Fryer recipes to try today? Get these amazing WW Freestyle recipes with Points and try them with your family!

How to Cook Frozen Chicken Breast in an Air Fryer!

Tender frozen chicken breast in air fryer is so easy to make! Great hack if you forget to defrost your chicken but dinner is just minutes away.

Air fryer salmon patties

Try this Air fryer salmon cakes, so delicious and healthy! Keto, paleo, whole30 and low carb. You can make this salmon patties from frozen and from fresh salmon fish fillets