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a shovel is stuck in the ground with dirt
How to Make Leaf Mold - FineGardening
How to Make Leaf Mold - Fall leaves make an organic soil amendment and mulch (Video)
a wheelbarrow full of leaves in front of a house with trees behind it
Organic Gardening - Country Garden UK
Tips on enriching your soil from leaves to mushrooms compost to seaweed
the words mushroom compostt - use care carefully oregon state university extension service gardening
What is mushroom compost?
Mushroom compost--use carefully | Oregon State University Extension Service | Gardening
how to build a lasagna garden with soil and plants in it, labeled
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Preparing Vegetable Beds for Spring: Lasagna Gardening | The Polivka Family
a wheelbarrow full of composted mulch with shovels in it
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Peat Moss Alternatives -- if you're a fan of Square Foot Gardening but don't follow Mel's suggestion of using Peat Moss, here are some good alternatives for your gardens...
a large herd of sheep standing on top of a dry grass field next to a stone wall
Why You Shouldn't Garden With Peat Moss
Did you know that peat moss doesn't belong in an ecological garden? Here's why.
a large pile of nuts sitting on top of a lush green field next to a forest
Coconut Husks Replace Peat Moss and Mulch in the Garden
coconuthusks - Corganix? Use Coconut coir instead of peat moss
there is a sign that says good pea moss replacers on top of the plant
Guest Post AMP Stories to 65 Websites
Alternatives for peat moss
a person holding out their hands with some dirt in it
Pitt Moss - Peat Moss Alternative Shark Tank Season 6
PittMoss is an environmentally-friendly replacement for peat that performs better and is better for the environment. Created from recycled materials, PittMoss retains water up to 50% better than peat and wets easily and evening without the need for a chemical wetting agent. #sharktank
a pile of dirt with a green sign that says build great soil on the side
How To Build Million Dollar Garden Soil
How to build million dollar vegetable garden soil
an old man wearing a hat and glasses with the words the soil guy on it
The SoilGuy - Soil Amendments
the cover of building soil with lasagna gardening, featuring several trees and hay bales
Building Soil with Lasagna Gardening | Homestead Honey
Building Soil with Lasagna Gardening. To create a healthy, resilient garden with few pests and disease, building soil is the key to growing nutrient dense food in your garden. Essentially, a lasagna garden is made up of layers and layers of organic material that compost in place to create rich garden beds.#gardenbeds #lasagnagardening
a garden hose is being used to clean the soil
Soil Building Steps for Gardening Success
Soil Building Steps for Gardening Success...