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the peace of my mind logo on a beige background with black and white letters,
A Peace of My Mind
Listen to A Peace of My Mind on Spotify. Hi i'm Naomie, and i'm about to let you into my mind. Join me as a share everything from what i had to dinner, to why i feel like i haven't accomplished enough. I hope you stick around.
the initial logo for studio, which is designed in black and white with leaves on it
Minimalist Hand Drawn Tree Branch Initials Logo - Templates by Canva
a white wall with a circular design on it's side and a star in the middle
Brand Design: Unselected Concepts | Sarah Ann Design
Typically our blog showcases finalized concepts that have been approved by our clients as their selected brand design… but there are so many sketches, concepts, and ideas that never make it to client presentations, let alone the final blog post. Today I want to show you a peek at a few concepts that ultimately weren’t selected by the client—but I think they still deserve a moment of appreciation. // Sarah Ann Design