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a young man wearing a headset and looking at his cell phone in front of him
Jaehyun, Taeyong, Lee, Nct 127, Nct Life
a young man sitting on top of a stage
the young man is wearing a black leather jacket
a man sitting at a table with sushi and chopsticks in front of him
sha on Twitter
a man with glasses covering his face in front of a mirror
a young man wearing glasses sitting in front of a mirror
a close up of a person's face with their hand on his chin and one eye partially open
Celebrities, Boys, Boyfriend Material
a man wearing glasses and a fur coat sitting at a table with a water bottle in front of him
a person sitting in front of two cell phones at a music concert with people standing behind them
a young man sitting on top of a black suitcase in front of a camera set up
a male in a white shirt is holding a microphone and singing into the air with his right hand