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two people riding on the back of a motor scooter down a street next to trees
Girl, Photo, Junk, Y2k Girl, Aesthetic, Insta, Photo Dump, Dream
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Kisses, Dresses, Christian Dior, Ibiza, Clothes, Dior
an open suitcase filled with clothing and a camera on top of it's lid
two women sitting on a train looking out the window
a bed with lots of pillows and stuffed animals on it in front of three windows
two people sleeping in the back of a van on a road next to the ocean
Girls trip
an airplane window looking out at the clouds
Airplane Pic ✈️
Summer | travel | spring break | airplane | that girl aesthetic | it girl | clean girl | suit case | becoming her | 2023
an open suitcase filled with clothing and toys
a woman sitting on the grass in front of a house with her hands behind her head
lila moss
people are sleeping on their luggage at the airport