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a wooden carving of a man's face with sun and moon on his forehead
Indian-Snake stick 007
Hand carved walking stick. Indian stick with rattlesnake and bear. Sun, moon, wind and water elements carved on top. Bear claw and bead necklace.
four carved wooden tiki heads sitting on top of a cement slab
Here is a beautiful set of 4 Tikis depicting all four Hawaiian Tiki god: Tiki Ku, Lono, Kanaloa and Kane. Each totem measures on average 11 inches and the smaller ones are about 7 inches tall. Perfect gift idea!
a man working on a wooden fence with headphones and ear phones in his hands
The Many Faces of Jay Bowman | North Beach Sun | Outer Banks News
Jay Bowman carving tikis
carved wooden masks are lined up in rows on a black background, each with different facial expressions
Pendants 6 by tflounder on DeviantArt
Pendants 6 by on @deviantART
two carved wooden totems sitting on top of a table next to each other
Carvings at the Spirit Gallery : Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver
a wooden carving of a totema with an eagle's head on it
Terry Horne, Frog
a carved wooden mask on a black background
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver. Masterworks of Inuit and Northwest Coast
"Schya-Lak-Hun Releasing Thunderbird" - John Marston