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Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe | How to Make Frozen Hot Cocoa

This Frozen Hot Chocolate is the perfect fancy drink to cool you down on a hot summer day! Now you can enjoy tasty homemade hot chocolate in any weather!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Check out these two showoffs: Have you been to Serendipity in NY? This recipe was inspired by their Frozen Hot Chocolate. This drink is...uhh...seriously dangerous. First there's chocolate/hot chocolate mix and butter (in a milkshake!!), followed by evaporated milk (among other delicious...

Hot-Cocoa Ice Pops

Hot-Cocoa Ice Pops Recipe

Frozen hot chocolate sounds like an oxymoron, but any of our three hot cocoa recipes will make amazing ice pops.

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Creamy frozen chocolate pop :)

Ice Pops — Fizzy Mango Mint Popsicle, and Creamy Chocolaty Fudgesicle — hydrating summertime treats

Featured on Foodbuzz Top 9 Something about the balmy climate and fragrant flowers make me think of fluttery dresses and languid afternoons by the seaside. Happy thoughts. Sunshine, sea, and a glass of ice cold drink, or cool dripping treat on a stick. Ooh la la. Summer is the most glamorous of seasons to be lost in such golden daydreams. And while there are 101 things I should be doing—most importantly get working on my email situation—all I really want to do is laze away the hours in sweet…

frozen hot chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

The HOT temperatures of August require something COLD and YUMMY to drink... Ingredients: 3 oz. best-quality chocolate 2 tsp. store-b...

Frozen chocolate bananas.

Guest Blogged: Frozen Bananas

Hey dude, it’s hot outside! If it’s hot where you live maybe you should make a frozen treat. Like frozen chocolate bananas. I went a little over board and made like, four kinds! Go check out Smile and Wave to

frozen hot chocolate!

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12 Ingredients and Directions of Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe … 3. Chocolate Pate with Cranberry Coulis If you are trying to do something unique for your loved ones on special occasions, this recipe is just the right choice because this dessert is excellent in all ways; taste, appearance, presentation and is ...