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Green sofa and boiserie

Green sofa and boiserie

Seriously?!  This window partition or gorgeous! fond on ~Sweet Melanie~blog: March 2015

~Sweet Melanie~

Do you love looking at Pinterest late at night like I do? I find so many wonderful creations that inspire me! For many years, we've had these "cheapie" round tables. You know, the kind that are pressed wood, beside our bed due to space issues. They served their purpose really well as for looks, but functionality and storage, not so good. See, they were pretty... But as a I looked for something slim enough, I found my quest getting harder and harder. Until I ran across a pin with 2 slim…

I love barkcloth, and this is a painting I did where I put some backcloth pillows on a whitie couch.

I love barkcloth, and this is a painting I did where I put some backcloth pillows on a whitie couch.

~Sweet Melanie~: Sew Simple...Yeah I wish

Sew Simple...Yeah I wish

A few weeks ago while playing with Louis, I noticed he had ripped through some spots on my slipcovers. Coulda wrung his little neck...he loves to play hide and seek, but gets too rough sometimes. Isn't he a doll though? We love him to pieces! That's when I knew I was going to have to make some new seat covers. So one evening, I visited Home Goods and saw a beautiful king quilt for $50. WOW! I thought what a deal! It was a diamond pattern, a little too modern for my taste, but how could I…

Contrasting band above the skirt is a possibility.


miss gracie's house

miss gracie's house

We are back home from watching my girl play golf in the Idaho State Championships. She struggled with nerves on Day 1 but came back on Day 2 ready to have some fun She cut her score from the previous day by 10 strokes and finished 11th overall Definitely, the most unique Mother's Day I've ever had. (Preston, Idaho) I was tempted to stay home and work. I am so glad I didn't. It turned out to be a great time away from computers, deadlines, and responsibilities. I was able to really watch…