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a person's wrist with small dots on it
I finally did it! My new Orion tattoo ;)
the stars in the sky are labeled with their names on them, and they appear to be named after each other
Mistérios do Espaço on Twitter
Mistérios do Espaço no Twitter: "Astros da Constelação de Órion.… " .
the zodiac sign is depicted in this image with stars and other astrologicals around it
Sir Edmund Halley and The Pleiades Anomaly
Taurus Mythology In Greek mythology, Taurus represented the king of the gods, Zeus, who disguised himself as a white bull with golden horns to attract the beautiful maiden, Europa. When Europa seated herself on the bull's back, he swam away with her to Crete, which is why we see only the animal's head and forequarters in the constellation.
the night sky is filled with stars and clouds
Le Cosmographe - La magazine des passionnés d'Astronomie
Anatomie de la constellation d'Orion
the zodiac sign as it appears to be in the night sky
Sioux Hopewell Constellation Effigy Mounds Discovered in Indiana
Mound Builders: Constellation Effigy Mounds Discovered in Indiana
the ursa major bear is shown in white ink
(I6) - Ursa Major
Ursa Major