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3 handpainted violins I by Hollow-Moon-Art on DeviantArt

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The Effect of the Soundpost on Violin Sound

The Science of Stradivarius: Researchers Sound the Depths of Violin Design

Ever wondered about those elaborately carved openings on violins — what they do, and how they came about? These researchers did.

Electric Violin - After They Heard Of This Post About Learning Guitar, The Experts Shook

Musurgia Universalis

"It must be the case for all celebrated polymaths, in every century, that they themselves know, as surely as they know anything, that the...

9 Tips To Care For Your String Instrument In The Winter

Don't let the cold weather damage your expensive string instrument. Here's how to keep it in great shape during winter.

Fine Violas for Sale

Catalog of fine violas for sale by old and modern master viola makers including Italian violas and oak leaf violas, for violinists and violin players.

Antique Violin Case, W.E. Hill & Sons, London, c. 1910 | Sale Number 2595B, Lot Number 245A | Skinner Auctioneers

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Carving A Violin Bridge

This is one of the more artistic tasks a violin restorer does on a daily basis, and doing it well is a great challenge. It's also something that takes much repetition to progress. The more bridges you carve, the better you can get. I find it endlessly interesting to look at other people's bridges and especially from a group of people who follow the same concept. Everyone shows their own hand in each bridge despite following the same example.

Concert Performer Violin & Viola Shoulder Rest

Fits 4/4 Full and 3/4 violins & violas sizes (Show Dimensions) The AcoustaGrip CONCERT PERFORMER, is Excellent For Chamber Music and Orchestral Performances. Featuring 3 layers for better sound. The 1st layer is of new acoustical material, delivering fuller sound and extra comfort. The 2nd Layer delivers a more

CSVM Construction Log 14: Arch Scraping

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