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three greeting cards with flowers and candles on them, one is for a happy birthday
Claudia auf Instagram: „Guten Morgen ihr Lieben, ich war am Wochenende mal wieder etwas kreativ und habe Geburtstagskarten gebastelt. Einfach ein Muffinförmchen…“
a bottle of champagne and flowers in a purple vase with ribbon tied around the top
a wine bottle wrapped in brown paper with a pink rose
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Free & Creative DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping in 5 Minutes
a person holding a card with flowers on it that says happy birthday in front of them
a present wrapped in brown paper with pink roses on the top and green leaves around it
14 Cute Valentines Day Gift Wrapping Ideas • The Simply Perfect Life
a flower in a paper bag with a thank you tag attached to it that says, paper bag wrapped flowers just a little something
Paper Bag Wrapped Flowers ~ Just a Little Something
four dog treats are on a white table next to a bowl of peanuts and a glass jar
Sourdough Discard Dog Treats Recipe on Food52
Sourdough Discard Dog Treats recipe on Food52
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a person holding up a jar filled with cupcakes
House Warming Scented Fire Starters - Satsuma Designs
Uniquely Wrapped Gifts