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Zodiac - Adventure Chronograph
the stairs are made of wood and metal, with stone walls in the backround
Visions of Nature - Big Sky Journal
Big Sky Journal - A floatingstaircase,suspended byhammered steel,leads into afour-personguest area.
an old stone fireplace with logs burning in it
Account Suspended
Cotswolds. A roaring fire at secret Cottage
a stone fireplace in the middle of a living room
Best Atlanta Contractor for Backyard Makeover
Stone fireplace
an aerial view of a brick structure with a pink object in it's center
Rob Marett
This is my idea but with stone and glass blocks. And a bigger shower space
a wooden chair with black leather seat and back
Reutilizando Pneus - Ideias Diferentes
Reutilizando Pneus – Ideias Diferentes
the facebook page is shown in blue and white
Facebook Images Sizes
Facebook Image Sizes Cheat Sheet
a person's hand pointing at a concrete speaker
Concretus, Concrete Wireless Speaker
a wall mounted knife holder with knives on it
Fancy - UtiliTILE from Thout Design
a wooden and metal object on the floor
Liebling der Architekten
Aluprofil von AGS für Flächenbündigkeit im Sockelbereich Mithilfe einer Unterputzschiene lassen sich Sockelleisten flächenbündig montieren. Die Idee stammt vom Unternehmen AGS-Systems aus Südtirol. In Deutschland wird das Produkt über Repac Montagetechnik vertrieben.
a close up view of the name of a building with wood letters on it's side
Shou Sugi Ban
reSAWN TIMBER co. charred wood signage - shou sugi ban charred cypress with our logo routed out - love coming to work each day and seeing this out front
a wooden table with two metal strips on the top and one wood strip at the bottom
Page not found | Interior Design Pro
Concrete Wood | Lofty ideas
a piece of wood that has been cut in half
Alcarol's new Bent Bench preserves worm holes in resin
I like how the wood in encased in perfectly clear resin. Sharp.