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Pork feasts are part of the Slovak Fašiangy season Roasted Ham, Pork Soup, Black Pudding, Pickling Cucumbers, Carnivals, Hotel S, Stuffed Hot Peppers, Seasons, Food

Pork feasts are part of the Slovak Fašiangy season

If you visit Slovakia in January or February, the chances are that you'll get to see one of our Fašiangy carnivals. They take place all around the country, but their form may vary from region to region, sometimes even from village to village. Despite the low, often sub-zero temperatures, most of these winter carnivals are…

Goose and duck feasts Braised Red Cabbage, Roast Duck, Wood Fired Oven, Potato Pancakes, Roast Recipes, Menu Restaurant, The Dish, Family Meals, Gourmet

Goose and duck feasts

They start at the beginning of September and last until end of November. Goose and duck feasts could be likened to the festival of Thanksgiving in the way they bring together families to celebrate the end of harvest. There are several legends explaining the traditon of goose (and duck) feasts in Slovakia. Some are related…

Slow Food Pressburg Slow Food, A Food, Hungarian Cuisine, Summer Fair, Fast Food Chains, Goat Farming, Food Staples, Food Industry, Free Food

Slow Food Pressburg

It was through PEMAK farm that I first learned about the Slow Food movement in Slovakia. I was documenting poppyseed farming for the autumnal book of A Taste of Slovakia when I came across this family-run business in Patince, a small village situated in the southernmost corner of Slovakia, just across the border with Hungary.…

Sunrays – a summer taste of Tatratea Alcoholic Lemonade Drinks, Gibson Bar, Sparkling Lemonade, Orange Peel, Pineapple Juice, Distillery, Drinking Tea, Bartender, Herbalism

Sunrays – a summer taste of Tatratea

Regular visitors to Cookslovak site are already familiar with Tatratea, the Slovak tea-based alcoholic drink from under the High Tatras. The Tatratea brand is relatively new, but the tradition of fortified tea drinking at the High Tatras chalets is not. It started centuries ago in the homes of hardy mountain folk, who used herbal tea…

Slow Food Slovakia Mcdonald's Restaurant, Slow Food, Mcdonalds, Vegetables, Vegetable Recipes

Slow Food Slovakia

The Slow Food movement started in 1989 as a response to the opening of McDonald's restaurant in Rome. Carlo Petrini, the Italian journalist who launched the movement, thought it was unfortunate that a city with high-quality local cuisine had opened its doors to mass-produced food. Since then, the Slow Food movement has spread to more…

What Slovak and Italian cuisine have in common Pizza, Sexy, Food, Meal, Essen, Hoods, Meals, Eten

What Slovak and Italian cuisine have in common

It was a week of exploration and discoveries, sublime food and new friendships. At the beginning of September last year my daughter Monika was married to a wonderful man, and they had chosen Villa Medicea di Lilliano in beautiful Tuscany as a location for their wedding. For me and some others from our family it…

A Taste of the High Tatras High Tatras, Mountains, Sexy, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Traveling, Trips, Tourism

A Taste of the High Tatras

The High Tatras - our most spectacular mountains - were bathing in the warm August sunshine when we sat in a cable car taking us to Skalnaté pleso, a mountain lake at the altitude of 1751 metres. Skalnaté pleso (or Rocky Lake) was the starting point for our walking trip that day. We expected it to be a walk -…

Summer festivals celebrate life and good food Summer Festivals, Celebrate Life, Good Food, Celebrities, Hot, Sexy, Celebs, Foreign Celebrities, Celebrity

Summer festivals celebrate life and good food

Summer is an ideal time for getting together out in the open. Here in Slovakia, a small landlocked country in the middle of Europe, the summer peaks in July and August with temperatures most likely to be between 26 - 30ºC. We've had extremely hot and dry summers in the last couple of years when…

10 delicacies to try in Slovakia Bagel, Folk Art, Dishes, Sexy, Food, Plate, Meal, Popular Art, Essen

10 delicacies to try in Slovakia

You may have seen similar posts highlighting Slovak specialities on other websites, and surely some of them will suggest a slightly different choice, but there are Slovak dishes that will unfalteringly appear in all 'to try' lists. You're very likely to find these frequent flyers at the top of my selection, while there might be…

Včelovina – Slovakia’s deluxe mead Parent Board, Honey Cookies, Party Organization, Local Music, Mead, Piano Lessons, Piano Classes

Včelovina – Slovakia’s deluxe mead

My first experience of drinking mead (or medovina in Slovak) was years ago at a small Christmas party organized by the local music school staff. My children were taking piano lessons at the school and I was invited as a member of the teachers-parents board. It was a family-style event; the tables were laid with honey cookies…

Wine tasting at Červený Kameň (Red Stone) Castle Wine Tasting Events, Retelling, Wines, Red And White, Castle, Stone, Rocks, 1st Birthdays, Rock

Wine tasting at Červený Kameň Castle

I'm planning to include a chapter about Slovak wines in the next cookbook - a daunting task for someone as inexperienced in the field as I am. All I knew about wine until recently was that it came in two colours - red and white. After last weekend's wine tasting event at Červený Kameň Castle (Red…

Traditional honey cookies Honey Cookies, Easter Cookies, Long Winter, Spring Colors, Mother Nature, Plates, Tableware, Desserts, Recipes

Decorating Easter cookies

As Mother Nature is awakening after a long winter sleep, so is our need for more warmth, sunshine and brighter colours. Not only do they show on the streets, in the parks and more still in the countryside, the spring colours also enter our kitchens, land on our tables and brighten up our food. I…

Ready for a cup of tea? Popular Drinks, Different Words, Chai, Tea Cups, Strong, Mugs, Tableware, Dinnerware, Masala Chai

Ready for a cup of tea?

Chai, tchai, le the, te, caj, cha, che, herbata, tae, el te, tea - how many different words for this popular drink do you know? And how strong is your penchant for a really good cup of tea when travelling around the world? Surely the tea in England will be served in a different way…

For chocolate lovers Chocolate Lovers, Hot Chocolate, St Nicholas Day, Sweets, Desserts, Food, Sweet Pastries, Crockpot Hot Chocolate, Meal

For chocolate lovers

On 6th December Mikuláš (Slovak for St Nicholas or Santa Claus) has his day in the Slovak calendar and, by tradition, he brings packets of sweets and chocolates to children, supposing they were nice and good all through the year. In most Slovak households children clean their boots on the eve of St Nicholas's Day, and…

For beer gourmets Ipa, Brewery, Beer Bottle, Drinks, Gourmet, Drinking, Beverages, Drink, Beverage

For beer gourmets

I don't drink beer myself, but when I was documenting its history and production in Slovakia, I met so many wonderful people with such a great passion for what they did that I really feel tempted to give it another try. If I do, I'll certainly go for small brewery labels, which are more expensive…

Summer is an ideal time for outdoor parties, isn’t it? I wonder what they look… Outdoor Parties, The Great Outdoors, Competition, Cooking, Summer, Summer Time, Kochen, Outdoor Living, Brewing

Cooking in the great outdoors

Summer is an ideal time for outdoor parties. We in Slovakia love them. They often take the form of cooking competitions like the one I described in the post on Goulash parties last year. But it's not only goulash that you can get to taste when touring Slovakia in the summer. A long thread of…