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a man and woman leaning against a wall with the caption'mon paris '
Yves Saint Laurent - L'Oréal Group - L'Oréal Luxe
Yves Saint Laurent Egérie 2017
a woman with purple flowers on her head holding a perfume bottle in front of her face
a woman's face is shown in front of the advertisement for guerlain
Angelina Jolie Mon Guerlain Fragrance Campaign
Angelina Jolie stars in Mon Guerlain Fragrance campaign
Catherine Zeta-Jones for Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Perfume Red Door Perfume, Elizabeth Arden Perfume, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, Red Perfume, Beauty Ad
Catherine Zeta-Jones for Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Perfume
an advertisement for carolina herbera's perfumes and other items on display
nine different perfume bottles with the name nina written on them
Nina Ricci
a bottle of perfume sitting on top of a branch with flowers in the back ground
Olympéa | Eau de Parfum | For Her | Rabanne USA
Olympéa | Eau de Parfum | Women | Paco Rabanne