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“Thank you for protecting her, Qrow” (MarloMora on DeviantArt)

RWBY: Pronounced Ruby.

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Community wall photos

Photo 27780 from RWBY's album Community wall photos from 24 November 2017.

Grimm Jaune Arc


irozhea: “Probably the best thing I’ve ever been commissioned in my life ” Jaune:”Uh, what?” Ruby:”I saw it in a manga, okay! Curse your height!” [LATER] Ruby:”Gotcha now! Thanks Nora!” Nora:”No prob!...

Lancaster moment | RWBY

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Lancaster week!

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The Crib

drawmerwby: “ “Its Ok Jaune” Anon asked for some Ruby/Jaune, see fandom I can draw straight ships XD and I love these two babies so much ” Oh my God a non-ArKos Jaune ship! RE.BLOG!

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Woah Ruby slow down there 😆

For The Carnageknight92

Another lancaster commission, but this time it’s for @carnageknight92 Sorry for how bad the hands look :p I hope you like it! Consider this as a late christmas gift from me :)