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a glass filled with lemon and limeade on top of a wooden table
I live in the sky with the divels||M.Y.G||تەواو بووە
two mason jars filled with coconut rum punch
Coconut Rum Punch - A Night Owl Blog
Coconut Rum Punch Recipe - a delicious combination of tropical flavors and coconut rum to make one tasty party drink!
the grapefruit troula slameer is served in a glass with ice and garnishes
Grapefruit Tequila Slammer
Make a quick and easy cocktail with one of winter’s best fruits and enjoy a refreshing Grapefruit Tequila Slammer.
a glass filled with water next to a purple and blue liquid pouring out of it
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Aurora Jungle-Juice...awesome!!! <3
a red drink with a strawberry on the rim
5 o'clock Aloha Friday lets have a....Coral Reef - Tammilee Tips
A Coral Reef...w/ ur tootsie's in the sand, YUM!!! <3