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a woman sitting on top of a stage with a microphone in her hand and an evil face above her head
#legendofkorra korrasami
asami is a goddess oml credits to BellmanBessa on twt #legendofkorra #korra #asami #art #ship
an animated image of a woman singing on stage
#legendofkorra korrasami
I love this ship prompt sm credits to BellmanBessa on twt #art #ship #legendofkorra #korra #asami
the poster for two days later is shown in three different colors and sizes, including one with
two seasons later with the same cartoon character
an image of someone in avatar with text that reads, i'm not going to stay
the storyboard for an animated movie is shown in two separate sections, one with a man
#avatar #atla The Last Airbender
Hol up
#avatar #atla
two pictures with the words boomerang and an arrow pointing to it
an image of someones tweet about the energy in this moment
two different avatars with the same caption
four different anime characters holding signs in their hands
an image of two cartoon characters with caption that reads, what did they put in sokka's water i just wanna know?
Prove your humanity
reddit: the front page of the internet
the avatars from avatar and avatar, with caption that reads they only anime that doesn't yell out the name of their power every time they use it