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an outdoor patio with furniture and plants on the ground near a brick wall, surrounded by potted plants
Z rozoberania starej maštale im ostalo množstvo tehál: Starostlivo ich očistili a takto geniálne ich využili!
the walkway is lined with potted plants and hanging lights on either side of it
The Best Backyard Lighting Ideas
Patio Sconce- A sconce is a type of lighting fixture that is attached to the wall. These can be a great way to provide lighting around corners, along walkways, and just outside of your sliding door. The sconce has been around since the beginning of time. You can find an unlimited variety of decorations to follow the motif of your patio layout. Attach a dimmer switch to your sconce to increase the control you have over your outdoor setting!
two pictures side by side one with a broom and the other with flowers in it
16+ Creative Ways To Use Old Bricks In Your Garden - FarmFoodFamily
Brick edging for your flower beds | Creative Ways To Use Old Bricks In Your Garden #repurposeideas #gardeningideas #repurposed #farmfoodfamily
two snowmen are standing next to each other in front of the door and one is wearing a hat
21 Rustic Christmas Decorations, keep it simple | I Do Myself
Rustic Christmas decorations are one such comfortable feel decoration that reminds us about the festive that is soon approaching and also promotes the warmth of the rooms. Here are some ideas promoting the rustic feel in the festive and holiday season.
a train made out of logs sitting on top of a lush green field next to flowers
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