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a metal rack on the side of a brick wall
an image of a table with measurements for the top and bottom section, including height
ATELIER marquise acier - Brun & Doutté
ATELIER marquise acier - Brun & Doutté
a house with a roof that has been made out of wood and is next to a tree
an orange chain is hanging from the side of a wooden building with a sky in the background
Vote for the Best Garden Shed or Outbuilding in the Gardenista Considered Design Awards - Gardenista
two white chairs sitting on top of a brick patio next to a potted plant
Letní kuchyň...jak to vše probíhalo..
u morkusovic: Letní kuchyň...jak to vše probíhalo..
an outdoor patio with white curtains and flowers on the steps leading up to the deck
a small shed with potted plants and a chair in the foreground, outside
Build a Shed, Enhance Your Curb Appeal - Dig This Design
plus pots and window boxes... Shed Chic book
an outdoor area with potted plants and a lantern on the table next to it
...balkon 2015...
...balkon 2015... |
an outdoor patio with potted plants on the table and chairs in front of it
a kitchen with an oven, table and chairs
an outdoor pavilion with free plans for it
How to Build a 16x16 Gable Pavilion
This is a step by step tutorial on how to build a 16x16 gable pavilion. The free plans come with 3D diagrams and a full Cut / Shopping list. PDF download, as well. This gable shed / shelter makes for a great backyard addition for relaxation or for bbq. #pavilion #gablepavilion #largegazebo