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the little prince poster with an image of a boy and a fox
movie poster: the little prince
the book of life poster with an image of a man and woman holding each other's hands
the poster for over the garden wall, featuring an image of a man and a dog
Over the Garden Wall Movie Poster
an advertisement for the mystery hack game gravity falls 2012, with text that reads gravity falls 2012
the harry potter and the philosopher's stone movie poster with three people holding a broom
Harry Potter & Philosophers Stone by Maja
alternative minimalist polaroid poster made by @majaaplb (me)
the poster for bohemian rhapsody is shown in pink and purple tones
bohemian rhapsody
an advertisement for grease, starring actors in the movie's title and number two
Grease polaroid poster
the cover of up 2009, featuring a house with balloons floating in the air above it
Up by Maja
the movie poster for titanic starring actors