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Dagmara Zuscak

Dagmara Zuscak
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lol actually it's Zayn & Louis 😅😂❤️ in the. First pic Louis is like spread eagle hahaha like Zayn is in the second. Lol Niall honey take note, when interviews are on couches, don't sit between Zayn & Louis 😅

So proud of him <3

I'm so glad his dreams came true! He looks like he has no shirt on!

Niall Horan <3 :) <<< WHERE HA STHIS PICTURE BEEN!?!?!

:) he seems like he would be the type of guy who is really truly a big huge teddy bear sweet heart!

Ahhh He's So Cute

This boy's adorableness is deadly xD but I'll come back to life to be with him:)

Yup!:D haha

Dad : story of my life , wmyb Mom : best song ever Little brother : whatever I play lol