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a group of wooden blocks sitting on top of a rug
Súvisiaci obrázok
plastic storage containers with labels on them and various types of beading beads in them
Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt building the multiplication tables with the bead bars
an advertisement for montesso print shop with a woman and her child in the background
How To Make a Montessori Bead Chain Chart
How To Make a Montessori Bead Chain Chart
the words are written in white on a green background
Představa o množství peněz
Představa o množství peněz
a board game is set up on the floor in front of a bookcase and table
No matter WHAT type of school you teach at, this works PHENOMINALLY well to help students visualize the place values, and that their values will only ever be 1-9 (ones), 10-90 (tens), 100-900 (hundreds), etc.
a purple background with the words math on it
Math – Montessori Curriculum – Cultural & Language
two children are playing with a long wooden train set on the floor in front of them
80 + Easy & Engaging Every Day Montessori Math Extensions
Learn over 80 Montessori Math Extensions & Variations for your Homeschool and Classroom
an advertisement for montessoi place value is displayed on a table with other items
Montessorikiwi: Downloadable Montessori teaching resources
what I did wrong with the montessori math equipment! How to go deeper with montessori decimal system and place value