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a close up of a shoe with flowers on it
a purple ballerina shoe with gold lace and beads
white shoes with flowers and feathers on them
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two pairs of ballet shoes are in a box with sheet music behind them and the swan lake logo
Ballet points framed in a deep white shadow box against the music of Swan Lake
#ClippedOnIssuu from STYLING MAGAZINE N0. 20 2015 Shoes, Fashion Prints, Fashion Magazine, Fashion Editor, Gothic Corset, Victorian Shoes, Theatre Costumes, Fairy Shoes
#ClippedOnIssuu from STYLING MAGAZINE N0. 20 2015
a pair of shoes with a flower on the heel
Peach puff
a pair of ballet shoes with flowers on the bottom and gold sequins around them
a pair of shoes with lace and flowers on the bottom are shown in front of an old paper background
Costumes, Wedding, Cosplay, Haute Couture, Prom, Bridal Shoes, Princess Shoes, Fairy Cosplay
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