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That makes you wonder. Do you really think we are the only living things in this whole wide wife world??

We are a 66 planet Universe related to Multiverses out there. The idea of only 12 planets is a seeded thought form to limit you.

невозможные фигуры: 15 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Escher M Optical Illusion Art, I like this image because of the illusion of how the cylinder twists around it's self, one section behind the other. The design draws my eye because of the use of subtile colours and the abstractness of the image.

Optical Illusions Spinning-gizmodo.com 바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법바카라잘하는법

a couple illusions that i tryed and they worked tell me if they worked for you.all you do is stare at the picture for 30 seconds and tell me if it works or not.they move

250 to 5000 Watts PWM DC/AC 220V Power Inverter

This is a heavy duty design of a Pulse Width Modulator DC/AC inverter using the chip . I've been using it as a backup to power up all my house when outages.

Wave energy plants in Brazil - English subtitles. Excellent invention !!

Wave Energy Plant in Brasil is a land secured system using 10 meter diameter floating disks attached to an arm powering a liquid pump = a 400 meter column of water to an electric turbine.

Occult Anatomy.- Incredible image of the occult anatomy of the body, drawn from Kabbalah, Yoga and much more.  The image below depicts the occult anatomy of the human body, as projected on the Vitruvian Man (originally done, obviously, by Leonardo da Vinci). It unifies the Tree of Life, the Yogic Chakras, and information from Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy. It’s a beast!

The universe is within us and the mosques, temples & churches are within us. Hell is in us and Heaven dwells within us. We carry the divine dimensions of light and love within us. We carry destruction and creation within us. We are the ultimate vehicle &

How to teleport quantum information

BNISE Compact Spotting Scope for Birdwatching – Zoom Monocular Telescope – GOMU FMC Optics – Waterproof – With Handheld Tripod Stand, Case , Cover- with Camera and Phone Photography Adapters