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clothes hanging out to dry on a line with buildings and water tower in the background
Une illustration signée Jon Klassen
Jhon Klassen #ilikethiscm
a rolled up piece of paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pipe
New prints and ideas 2012 005
an old book page is framed in a black frame with a blue cityscape on it
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Lino maison victorienne impression. Cette impression de linogravure aurait l'air fantastique sur votre mur ou ferait un super cadeau.
an orange circle is in the middle of two trees with no leaves on one tree
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Rilievo di stampa con vista allungata fino i tronchi degli alberi invernali due. Se guardate attentamente questa stampa cè il fronte della tigre al sole. Dimensione della battuta: 10 1/2 x 16 1/2 / 27 x 42cm Dimensione del foglio: 13 x 19 / 33 x 48cm Numero di stampa: 16/20 Carta: BFK Rives
an image of trees and hills in the background with red leaves on them, as well as white clouds
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Margaret RANKIN
an image of a bird in the reeds with chinese writing on it's side
the art room plant
akio_ondaf featured by the art room plant
an owl with green and black colors on it's face, sitting in front of a
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Love this owl by CornflowerPress on Etsy #printmaking
a black and white drawing of two birds on a wooden table with wood grain flooring
Laurie Landry Sgraffito cawing crows tray
three plates with fish and flowers on them
Laurie Landry Sgraffito 2015
two plates with black and white designs on them, one has birds in the trees
a person is drawing on a bowl with a pencil
Too Much is Just Enough!
My work is a lot about surface decoration. And a well-crafted canvas to put the pattern on is essential to my creativity. There is something extraordinary with the three dimensions of a pot; the inside and the outside surfaces give the possibility of storytelling that a two-dimensional canvas cannot.
a person is using scissors to decorate a vase with flowers on the inside and outside
In my happy place. #sgraffito #stoneware #ceramics #pottery #clay #markmaking #drawing #wildflowers #honesty #cowparsley