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someone is making a snowman in the shape of an ovart with a stick
an outline drawing of a figure skating on the ice with his arms out and legs spread wide
Ice skater template - for hanging decorations
the outline of a hockey player is shown in black and white, as if he was playing
Hockey Player Silhouette Stencil
a skier is skiing down the hill with ski poles in his hand coloring page for kids
Free Patterns
Skier Pattern
the silhouettes of snowboarders in different positions
Jumping Snowboarder Silhouette Clip Art
six silhouettes of people doing different poses
Girl Figure Skater Silhouette Clip Art
the children's drawings are made with colored pencils and watercolor paper,
four children wearing winter clothes and hats
50 Winter Coloring Pages: Free Printable Sheets
a snow covered hill with trees and snowflakes
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