Viac nápadov od Dan

Bild: 9106405 (9106405.jpg). Motiv: Kristus inför Pilatus. Foto: Lennart Karlsson

Red Riding Hood by Frank Adams (The Woodcutter and the wolf)

Faust and Margaret in the Summer-House - Faust by Goethe, 1908

"Pretty is as pretty does," my grandmother must have told me thousands of times. And one can never really believe a mirror anyway. At least not in Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi which begins: "...

Charles Santore, Illustration from Snow White- illustration

Charles Santore: Snow White (Branca de Neve - Madrasta oferece a maçã para Branca de Neve)

Snow White illustration by Erin Augenstine

PJ Lynch Gallery: The Candlewick Book of Fairytales, The six swans, Irish illustrator