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Daniela Kolcunova
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Laura Polko: Braided Top Knot How To Start with a half pony tied up. Braid the pony. Loosen the braid to make it thicker. Take it from the base and wrap it around just like a top knot. As always, lo (Top Bun)

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" - Albert Einstein

"Rejection is actually a false sense of reality. Rejection is not real. We are never rejected, we are re-directed. We are re-directed to people, places and activities that best serve our divine purpose.

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When I had to let my best friend Hope go because her bf was jealous of our friendship, it was one of the hardest, easiest things I ever had to do. Her true and utter happiness being with Sandy made it so worth it for me!