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an image of some words that are in the same color and font as they appear
Summarizing with Somebody-Wanted-But-So
Summarizing with Somebody-Wanted-But-So
a white board with writing on it that says when a teacher asks you to summarize he wants to know
Charts and Posters Everywhere!
Parts of a summary. How often do we teach kids what we expect when we say "tell me what the story was about" - ?
a bulletin board with pictures and writing on it
The Best Lemon Bars
One of my favorite ways to teach summary.. Summarization anchor chart
a poster with writing on it stating how to summary and the main events of a story
Summarizing Anchor Chart
Teaching Fourth: Summary Poster/100 Followers!
three different colored papers are on top of each other, with arrows pointing to them
The Middle School Mouth
Great idea for teaching summarizing! Interactive notebook ideas from The Middle School Mouth
some writing practice sheets with the words i want to do
Summary Freebie - Classroom Freebies Without connecting to this to some form of text or other activity, this goes against what this reading was about. When students are done, the sentence itself may make sense, but it does not have any real life connection for them.