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a stone fountain in front of a car parked on the side of the road next to a house
Harry Barber's Miniature Castles (1920s-66)
Throughout South Hero, Vermont USA • For over thirty years, gardener Harry Barber found a unique way to blend his native country of Switzerland with his new home in Vermont. He created miniature buildings from local Vermont field stone. Five castles, three houses, and several garden structures remain in the Islands. They vary in complexity. Some castles feature glazed windows, interior fireplaces, or dungeons. Others are wired for electricity and have the capability of running water in the ...
an old stone building with the words, 21 must see places in vermont on it
The 21 Places To See According To Only In Your State Vermont
Check out the top 21 things to do in Vermont. From hidden waterfalls to enchanted lakes, these outdoor attractions definitely belong on your travel bucket list.
a castle made out of rocks sitting on top of a lush green field
14 Marvels In Vermont That Must Be Seen To Be Believed
14. Harry Barber's Miniature Castles.
a stone clock tower sitting in the middle of a forest
Diy Miniature Stone Houses For Beutiful Gardens - Do It Yourself Samples
Diy Miniature Stone Houses For Beutiful Gardens
a stone wall with flowers growing out of it in the middle of a garden area
three stone buildings with red roof tops in a garden
75 идей декора сада своими руками с примерами в фото
яркое декорирование садового участка подручными материалами