Daniela Urbaníková

Daniela Urbaníková

Daniela Urbaníková
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Chartreuse Japanese forest grass in front of purple fountain grass

Contrast foliage It’s a foolproof approach to border design: Pair plants—one tall, one short—in contrasting colors. Here, a purple fountain grass (Pennisetum x advena ‘Rubrum’) rises behind chartreuse Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’).

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Dark leafed Actaea simplex ‘Hillside Black Beauty’ with Japanese forest grass (Hakenochloa macra ‘Aureola’) and blue annual Nigella damascena

The perennial border has been enlivened with the gold-and-green striped foliage of Japanese forest grass (Hakenochloa macra contrasting with the nearly black foliage of Actaea simplex Black pale blue annual lov