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Venus Rising With the Sun, the Black Sea

When Venus Rises with the Sun (June 8 Image Credit & Copyright: Emil Ivanov This dramatic telephoto view across the Black Sea on June 6 finds Venus rising with the Sun, the planet in silhouette against a ruddy and ragged solar disk.


We all have issues with the stresses of modern day life. So does Dicky the Duck, the star of Fowl Language Comics, drawn by Brian Gordon.

Thierry Legault - ISS and ATV-5 European cargo september 2014

French astrophotographer Thierry Legault is back with a shot of the International Space Station passing across the sun — with a European twist.

Funny pictures about Sad Vader applied for a job at Disney. Oh, and cool pics about Sad Vader applied for a job at Disney. Also, Sad Vader applied for a job at Disney.

Hoag's Object is a mysterious ring galaxy 600 million light years awayin the constellation Serpens. The outer ring is composed largely of hotblue stars, while the core is older red and yellow stars. The space inbetween is almost completely dark. It is thought that this galaxyformed from the collision of two galaxies billions of years ago.Visible near the top of the gap is another ring galaxy, likely muchfurther away.

Hoag’s Object-A nearly perfect ring of hot, blue stars pinwheels about the yellow nucleus of an unusual galaxy known as Hoags Object. This image from NASAs Hubble Space Telescope captures a face-on view of the galaxys ring of stars