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a cat sitting on top of a white toilet in front of a pile of books
maneki Neko beckoning cat :)
an attic bathroom with stone walls and exposed wood beams, along with a walk in shower
a room filled with lots of pillows and lights
there is a loft bed with a computer on it
Living a dream - House Tour
there is a bunk bed in the room with two kids on it and one has a hammock
TikTok · UP! Motorhome
the back end of an empty van with its doors open
How to Design a Minimalist Campervan? [Photos Inside] - Camper Life
two people standing in front of a tv set under a wooden roof, with one person leaning on the wall
See how one couple converted a 80-square-foot airport van into a cozy home
Dream, Case
the back end of a van with its doors open
When An Architect Does A Van Conversion