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Use a box and old paper grocery bags to create a cave. This is great for books such as Bear Snores On (along with the rest of the series by Karma Wilson), Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Old Bear by Kevin Henkes.  Make a Cave for the dramatic play area when teaching about animals that hibernate in winter!!!  Love it!
Dinosaur Small World Play (from Isabella Plains Early Childhood School via FB…
ArtStation - Savanna raptors, Gaelle Seguillon
G is for giraffe re-visited by Abby Manock                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Use an old pair of shoes, some yellow foam from a craft Store, and some Halloween 'teeth' meant for jack-o-lanterns we got at the dollar store. Then later covered it in fur.
Elf shoes
Download these easy instructions on how to enlarge any pattern, from small templates to your own halfscale designs.
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Prinášame vám zbierku tipov, trikov a zlepšovákov, ktoré zbierali gazdinky celé roky. Na mnohé z nich sa dokonca už takmer zabudlo. To by však bola veľká škoda, v kuchyni vám môžu uľahčiť prácu, a ušetriť čas aj peniaze.
Zapatillas (shoes/slippers) crochet pattern diagram