how to make a beaded ring

how to make a beaded ring. I don& do seed beads, but some of you might want to try this. I think it& a novel idea for a comfortable ring band.

Useful - how to tie a sliding knot!

Here's How To Tie Anything And Everything

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: YouTube Beading Tutorial - Dream Empress Bracelet

Seed bead jewelry Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Dream Empress Bracelet with link to video ~ Seed Bead Tutorials Discovred by : Linda Linebaugh

Crystal blue flowers necklace - 2


Today we’ll make a new beaded necklace. It is very simple, the matter are glass beads. The original tutorial is here. So, let’s go to the shop, choose beads and seed beads and go o…

Superduo with 11's and 8's

Seed bead jewelry Mystery super duo bracelet picture tutorial Discovred by : Linda Linebaugh

superduo bracelet

Best Seed Bead Jewelry 2017 – free pattern – Bracelet Kanya – Elfenatelier… Seed bead jewelry free pattern - Bracelet Kanya - Elfenatelier Discovred by : Linda Linebaugh

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Tutorial for the "Mystery SuperDuo Bracelet"

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Tutorial for the "Mystery SuperDuo Bracelet" seed beads seed beads SuperDuo beads (SD)

Tila SuperDuo Bands

I'm still not sure I'm interested in tila beads, but for my workshoppers who might be, this is super easy: Tila SuperDuo Bands Pattern