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“The key to the dark side is fear. You must be clean of fear, and fear of loss is the greatest fear. If you’re set up for fear of loss, you will do anything to keep that loss from happening, and you’re going to end up in the dark side… [The Jedi] trained more than anything else to understand the transitional nature of life, that things are constantly changing and you can’t hold on to anything. You can love things but you can’t be attached to them, You must be willing to let the flow of life and the flow of the Force move through your life, move through you. So that you can be compassionate and loving and caring, but not be possessive and grabbing and holding on to things and trying to keep things the way they are. Letting go is the central theme of the film.“ – George Lucas
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that quote u only think of ur mother as ur mother and not a person who became a mother or smth like
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padme naberrie
an article from the daily news about what it is like to be in star wars
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Omega and Ahsoka (Art by @gil-estel on Tumblr)
Art by @gil-estel on Tumblr
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