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Dasa Rusnakova

Dasa Rusnakova
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Definitely going to need these tips for next year when Penelope lives with me and my roommate!

Excessive barking not only poses an annoyance to you, but to your neighbors as well. You can’t expect a dog to never bark, but incessant barking becomes an issue over time. Here’s a few techniques to help stop dog barking in your apartment.

5 Tips for Brushing Your Dog's Teeth!

5 Tips for Brushing Your Dog& Teeth! Also if your dog doesn& care for the minty toothpaste, they do have peanut butter flavored toothpaste :)


Oath to dogs. Quotes about dogs. Quotes about the love for your dog. An oath to your dog. Always love your dog. This quote is for the people who will never give up on the dogs they choose to have in their lives