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several pastries sitting on top of a glass plate
Poctivé vanilkové Eclair - pecivorecept
a table topped with lots of pastries covered in powdered sugar and icing
there are many different types of pastries on the trays with words in russian and english
Tradiční recept na domácí větrníky - snadnevareni
several pieces of bread sitting on top of a pan
Karamelové veterníky – cukrárenské
a pile of powdered sugar covered donuts sitting on top of a wooden table
Vanilkové venčeky z odpaľovaného cesta - Sisters Bakery
small pastries are arranged on a white plate
Profiterolky z odpalovaného těsta s krémem
two sandwiches on a white plate topped with whipped cream and strawberries
"Sendviče" z odpalovaného těsta se žloutkovým krémem, šlehačkou a jahodami - Víkendové pečení
small pastries with cream fillings on a plate
there are three pictures of different pastries on the same plate, one is filled with whipped cream
Vynikajíci větrníky z odpalovaného těsta |
there are several pieces of pie on the plate
Větrník na plech - pecivorecept