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Rose Gold Hair is The Hottest Trend This Season

Rose gold hair -- aka the absolute coolest way to pay homage to Glinda the Good

Something I have wanted for awhile! cut and color. Maybe one day

When Geeks Wed! from agamerswife.com

If you start a relationship being the other woman, you will never be the only woman. (here you go slut face)

How about you fix yourself instead of trying to break me....that sounds like a plan!

I don't need you to write me a love letter, darling. Just smack my butt and say 'I'm glad this ass is mine!'

But...I don't even say "I'd like to talk." I just go She-Hulk when I can't get a zipper to work and it ends with "and that's why I hate myself." Am I honest? Yes. Am I crazy? Yes. Do I acknowledge this weakness? Apparently....

Hmmm... I think you love me. I think you want me... I think you're scared and I understand..