Viac nápadov od Francesco

"Reading Girl Among Birches on a Hillside", Alexander Koester (1864-1932), German / BL

Women Reading - simena: Eleanor Ruth Colburn

Reading makes me higher

Summer reading, Charlie Mackesy born 1962 in Northumberland, UK

Vladimir Volegov

Leitura Louise Catherine Breslau (Suíça, 1856-1927). Óleo sobre madeira Secretaria da Cultura, Berna, Suíça

Old woman reading, Boris Mayorov, 1931-1991.

Homework - 1. Learning the Fundamentals | Learn Squared

9 of 9 Gurney Journey: Plane Heads. This was the method taught in a seminar I took from Art Center instructor Paul Souza, and here's an exercise I did in that class, scumbling white oil paint over chip board sealed with shellac. In truth, there is no single ideal plane head, and even an individual model's face can be analyzed in various ways.