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Chiacchierino facilissimo: a wide choice

a wide choice

Punto alto chiacchierino in combinazione con picot "mostruosi" e picot "farfalla".

Многоплоскостное плетение по книге Степной - Фриволите - Страна Мам | фриволите | Постила


Многоплоскостное плетение по книге Степной - Фриволите - Страна Мам

Tat-a-Renda: How to make a Mock Ring - two methods

How to make a Mock Ring

Okay..... after the split ring, let's work on the mock ring. Right .... the name 'mock ring' may sound confusing to some but after going through this, some of you will be thinking .... 'is that all that it is?', LOL. Mock ring is not new. I first learn about it when I was browsing the net on the subject of tatting and came across the GR-8 Shuttles Homepage site with the SCMR (self-closing mock ring) instructions in it. So, in a nutshell.... a mock ring is a chain that joins back on itself…


youtub da ilk defa yayınlanan bir model .yapımı kolay bıçık için idal (yaprağı da düz olur)yapan arkadaşlara şimdiden kolay gelsin .video larımın devamı için...

Tat-a-Renda: Tutorial for daisy picot ring- VERY CLEAR!

Daisy Picot Snowflake

I have not made anything with daisy picots for a while and was wondering if I still remember how to do it. I searched Riet's blog for the instructions because I first learned it from her, but I couldn't find it there anymore. I have lost the paper with the instructions that I printed earlier. So, working from memory, I managed to produce this simple snowflake. And, so that I'll know where to find it again, I am putting up a how-to for the daisy picot, using the instructions for this…

Frywolitki, Tatting, Chiacchierino: jak zrobić frywolitkowe cebulki cz.1

jak zrobić frywolitkowe cebulki cz.1

Wiele miałam próśb o wytłumaczenie jak robię frywolitkowe cebulki. Zapraszam zatem na lekcję "jak zrobić cebulki". Aby zrobić frywolitkowe cebulki potrzebujemy dwa czółenka. Cebulki zaczynamy od kółeczka - ja tu pokazuję trzecią z kolei ale pierwszą robimy dokładnie tak samo. Robimy kółeczko - będzie to środek cebulki 10 supełków - mały pikotek -10 supełków. zamykamy kółeczko. odwracamy robótkę i zaczynamy robić łuczek łuczek składa się z 8 supełków, pikotek ozdobny, 2 supełki, pikotek…


あーるのシカゴ生活記 & タティングレース ダブルピコ(2)(タティングレース)

シカゴの生活 & タティングレースの作り方(技術とコツ)

No gap tatting -  An unflipped half stitch is used to fill in the space or gap that can be left between tatting elements.

Unflipped half stitch & Blocking with Best Press

One way to eliminate the gap between tatted elements. At the end of the video, I show how to easily block your tatting using a product called Best Press from...

Tension of thread in tatting technique - Tensione del filo nella tecnica del chiacchierino

Watchword: tension - Parola d'ordine: tensione

The tension is very important in every handmade technique that involves any type of yarn, especially the tatting. But what do we mean when we talk about tension? Tension is our particular way to pull, to stretch, to wrap, to tighten the thread during the working process. Did you ever happen to follow to the letter the instructions of a pattern, but getting a different result from the one you wanted? Don't worry! Probably you didn't do anything wrong, it depends only on the tension applied to…

In the previous post we have seen how to work a chain of knots with picots on both sides, now we see how to make the motif shown in this ...

Tatting: how to work with three shuttles (part 2) - Chiacchierino: come lavorare con tre navette - (parte 2)

In the previous post we have seen how to work a chain of knots with picots on both sides, now we see how to make the motif shown in this ...