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Dominika Bugošová

Dominika Bugošová
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Forever - Episode 1.22 - The Last Death of Henry Morgan (Season Finale) Promotional Photos

Forever - Episode - The Last Death of Henry Morgan (Season Finale) His smile means so much. I agree fully with Lucas. Henry Morgan truly is a beautiful man, and I am not talking about his looks.

Once Upon a Time S05E21 - Captain Swan

*Intense happy screaming because thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord ohmygod he came back from the dead with a sexy haircut Zeus you're alright in my books thank you lord*

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Once Upon A Time Real vs Cartoon ( how ever the fairy one is wrong they aren't like pixies from Tinkerbelle. One is called the blue fairy which if I remember correctly is the fairy in Pinocchio) and red riding hood in once upon a time is also the wolf.

OUAT 6x20 "A Song in our Hearts" | Emma and Killian

"They say a captain's heart belongs to his ship. With this ring, it now belongs to you" - Killian's wedding vows